Lithuanian company LTG Cargo, seeking to block any attempts to circumvent sanctions on the export or import of goods from Russia and Belarus, is changing the rules for the preparation of shipping documents. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine, citing Nakolei.

LTG Cargo

LTG Cargo seeks to further tighten control over the railroad freight. The Lithuanians want freight forwarders interested in rail shipments to submit a number of clear documents even before an order is placed for transportation. According to the announcement: starting from March 1 all LTG Cargo customers transporting cargo on broad gauge lines will have to provide additional detailed information and documentation about them. The carrier indicates that it will require a demonstration of additional information, and if the carrier is not willing to provide it, or if the carrier believes that the shipment may be an attempt to circumvent sanctions – then the Lithuanians will refuse to accept the order.

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The Lithuanians have alleged falsification of shipping documents, which has resulted in several shipments being made contrary to applicable sanctions.

“We are very strict about possible attempts of commercial companies to circumvent the control of international sanctions and will do everything possible in our field of activity to prevent it. The cases that have come to light have mobilized the entire company team – we are cooperating with other agencies responsible for sanctions controls, we are vigilant and ready to respond. We will do everything we can to prevent goods used by the aggressor countries from getting to Lithuania by rail,” said Arnoldas Ukeniekas, the CEO of LTG Cargo.

In this regard, the scope of inspections is expanding even before customers apply for transportation of cargo. Clients will have to submit additional documents beforehand, because only after the company experts have checked the information contained therein and given their permission, the clients will be able to submit cargo shipment requests. Up to now some of the information has been collected and checked at the stage of application approval, and some – after the cargo has reached the territory of Lithuania.

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