Greenbrier has completed testing of the hopper car’s automatic loading hatch. The tests continued for three years. The technology was developed jointly with the manufacturer of tents Shur-Co by order of the American food company Cargill. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, citing Greenbrier.

Tsunami Hatch

The automatic cover Tsunami Hatch is lifted by means of two pneumatic cylinders located at the edges. According to Greenbrier manager Mallory Moran, the Tsunami Hatch can be connected to the train’s air brake system. The hatch of each wagon can be opened automatically depending on its proximity to the loading area, which significantly speeds up loading.

The issue with the transfer of grain in non-specialized wagons to Poland is partially resolved

Now several companies in the US are testing cars with Tsunami Hatch. They plan to put them both on new and on hoppers undergoing overhaul.

Previously, Greenbrier developed the Tsunami Gate system, which allows you to adjust the speed of grain unloading. So the grain hopper with a volume of 147 m3 can be unloaded in 30 seconds in automatic mode.

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