In Lithuania, the Railway Day (lit. Geležinkelininko dieną) is celebrated annually on August 28. Around this day in 1860, construction work was completed on the Dinaburg-Free section of the St. Petersburg-Warsaw Railway.

The first steam locomotive arrived by rail from Dinaburg (now Daugavpils) to Vilnius railway station on September 4 (16), 1860.

In addition to the Railway Day, Lithuania celebrates another memorable day in the history of the Lithuanian Railways. At the beginning of July 1919, the management of the German railways handed over the first sections and stations to Lithuania, and on July 6, 1919, the first Lithuanian train arrived in Radviliškis via Kaišadoris. This date is Independence Day of the Lithuanian Railways.

Railway Supply sincerely congratulates LTG Tech and Lithuanian colleagues on their professional holiday!

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