The capacity of the new intermodal terminal at Mostiska II station near the Polish border will be 100,000 TEU.

new container terminal

Picture: Lemtrans

Ukrainian companies Lemtrans and Rail Trans Investment are building a new intermodal terminal at Mostiska II station, reports Railway Supply magazine.

The hub is being built on the territory of a former oil depot located near the railway station Mostiska-2 (Lviv region), a few kilometers from the border of Ukraine and Poland.

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The project is estimated at $ 15 million, all work is financed by companies for their own funds. The design capacity of the terminal at the initial stage will be 100 thousand TEU. Subsequently, Lemtrans will increase its capacity to 200 thousand TEU.

new container terminal

Picture: Lemtrans

Clients will be able to receive the following services:

  • transshipment of various types of cargo in containers from 1520 to 1435 mm gauge and vice versa,
  • the ability to service refrigerated containers, bulk cargo in tank containers;
  • cargo packing;
  • indoor and outdoor storage of goods;
  • customs clearance, etc

The new terminal is supposed to serve “shuttle” trains between Ukraine and the EU.

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They will transport goods previously transported by cars. Thus, the Ukrainian company will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Due to the presence of 1520 and 1435 mm tracks, the terminal has every chance of becoming the main transport hub not only between Ukraine and Poland, but also between Europe and Asia. Negotiations are currently underway between Lemtrans and Chinese and European partners.

new container terminal

Picture: Lemtrans

The focus is on the launch of regular trains for the transportation of transit goods from China to Europe and vice versa, as well as for the export of Ukrainian goods or the import of imported products from the EU countries.

In addition, Lemtrans is simultaneously launching the construction of container terminals in Fastov and Vinnitsa. To develop a container terminal in Mostiska, the company has joined forces with the Ukrainian container train operator N’UNIT.

The partnership envisages joining the Mostiska Container Terminal (KTM) project and the N’UNIT container network.

At the same time, the terminal in Mostiska will be the point of reception and dispatch of regular container trains to other terminals, as well as to the seaports of Ukraine and Europe.

The timing of the commissioning of the facility and the launch of the first train has not yet been announced.

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