Latvian Transport Minister Talis Linkaits assumes that Latvijas dzelzcels (LDz) will continue to lay off employees next year, although this year it is already planned to lay off almost 700 employees.

Latvian Railway will continue to lay off employees

According to the official, changes were started last year and they are continuing. It is analyzed what actions can be performed with fewer people, how best to distribute these people throughout the infrastructure in Latvia, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Thus, it is planned to lay off 700 workers from LDz, 200 of which work in the company administration, and 500 in the railway infrastructure sector.

Latvian Railway announced a competition for the positions of members of the Supervisory Board of LDZ CARGO

It is also possible that in the future the company will continue to look for methods to make its work more optimal. The next task of LDz is to continue modernization. With regard to attracting cargo to the railway, Talis Linkites stressed that this is not a quick process.

He also noted that he sees good progress in container shipping. In particular, negotiations have begun with Ukraine on the transportation of various goods. As previously reported, Latvijas dzelzceļš intends to intensify transportation in the Ukraine-Latvia route.

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