Kiev plans to purchase new funicular cabins

KP Kyivpastrans announced a tender in the ProZorro system for the purchase of two cabins for the funicular worth almost 6.5 million euros. The deadline for accepting applications is March 24. The deadline for the completion of the tender is no later than September 2022, reports railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to “League. Business”.

purchase new funicular cabins

Together with the cabins, Kyivpastrans will purchase tools, equipment, fast charging systems, spare parts, as well as personnel training services. The purchase is planned within the framework of the Urban Public Transport of Ukraine II project and is being implemented jointly with the European Investment Bank. Also, within the framework of this project, Kiev plans to purchase 20 trams and 100 buses.

The Kiev funicular was opened in 1905. The last time it was overhauled was in 1984.

It is not the first time that Kyivpastrans has announced tenders for the purchase of funicular cabins. The previous auction was in the spring of 2018. The Austrian Garaventa AG took part in one of the competitions, which offered to supply the funiculars for UAH 189 million. The auction was cancelled.


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