Ukraine invests in rail transport in 2021

For the first time in the history of modern Ukraine, the state budget of the country provides funds for the purchase of new passenger cars and the development of railway infrastructure for passenger transportation, reports Oleksandr Kava on his page.
invests in rail transport

State budget funds will be directed to:

  • purchase of new passenger cars to renew trains on the longest routes 69/70 Mariupol – Lviv and 45/46 Lisichansk – Uzhgorod;

  • electrification of the line Taras Shevchenko – Cherkassy for launching high-speed electric trains on the Kiev-Cherkasy route and improving suburban communication in the Cherkasy region, which will allow organizing suburban routes Cherkasy – Tsvetkovo and Cherkassy – Kropyvnytsky;

  • electrification of the Zhytomyr – Novograd-Volynskiy line, which will make possible to send about 10 daily long-distance trains through Zhytomyr, providing daily communication with 19 regional centers of the country, as well as to launch circular regional electric trains Kiev – Zhytomyr – Novograd-Volynskiy – Korosten – Kiev;

  • electrification of the line for the launch of suburban electric trains Kiev – Vasilkov, which will significantly reduce congestion on the M-05 highway in the suburbs of Kiev during rush hours;

  • preparation of project documentation and commencement of work on the restoration of the 1435 mm European railway track in Uzhgorod, which will allow the launch of trains from Uzhgorod to the cities of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Austria.

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