Kazakh railway wheels replaced Ukrainian

The Prommashkomplekt company from Kazakhstan is now supplying 20% more railroad wheels to Russia, replacing the supplies of the Ukrainian manufacturer, informs railway magazine «Railway Supply» with reference to Metallurgprom.

railway wheels replaced
Фото: ТОО «Проммашкомплект» (ПМК)

Anatoly Sedykh, owner of the United Metallurgical Company (OMK), told that today the number of suppliers of railway wheels to the Russian market has increased, replacing Interpipe.

These are Prommashkomplekt from Kazakhstan with a capacity of 250 thousand wheels (20-30% more than Interpipe supplied), and certified Chinese manufacturers with a potential volume of 200 thousand units per year. And recently a Czech wheel supplier has also appeared.

“Even with a 34% duty, the Ukrainian manufacturer supplied monthly the historically maximum volumes to Russia, so was the high demand in 2019. At the same time, the price of Interpipe’s products was the highest on the market, and this level remained even after the tax that went to the budget of Russia and the EAEU was canceled, ” he said.


Ukrainian railway wheels for Deutsche Bahn high-speed trains

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