K1100 Stationary flash-butt welding machine

The K1100 machine is the result of fruitful cooperation of KZESO and Paton Institute in the field of rail welding. During the development and manufacture of the welding machine, the requirements of regulatory standards for rail welding were taken into account, including the requirements for the metal of the rails, their dimensions, alignment accuracy after welding, high productivity, safety requirements, durability and reliability.

Stationary flash-butt welding machine

The rail welding machine K1100 is designed for flash-butt welding of rails with cross-section of 5000 to 10 000 mm2 using continuous or pulsed flashing in stationary conditions with burr removing immediately after welding. By special order the machine can be made for welding other profiles with cross-section up to 18000 mm².

The machine is equipped with a welding control system, built on the latest Siemens controller, which provides:

  • setting and control of process-dependent parameters that determine the welded joint quality;
  • monitoring the condition of the machine’s actuators;
  • monitoring the condition of the electrical part of the machine;
  • providing the operator with real-time information about the welding process;
  • gathering and storing of information on the welding process of each welded joint;
  • providing each welded joint with a data sheet;
  • self-control and self-diagnostics.

The newest Weldreg 4 program, a self-engineered products operating in Windows environment, is used to register the parameters of the welding modes. Using Weldreg 4 program allowed creating and storing the welding modes on a computer in unlimited quantities. A few seconds and a couple of clicks on the keyboard button will be enough to select the desired mode and to send it to the controller.

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