Joint venture of carriers PKP and LTG to start operations in the third quarter

A joint venture between the national rail carriers of Poland and Lithuania – PKP Cargo and LTG Cargo – will begin operations in the third quarter of 2021, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.

LTG Cargo

A month ago, PKP Cargo and LTG Cargo notified the Competition and Consumer Protection Authority of their intention to establish a joint venture. This is the result of an agreement signed last September. According to the application, the company will act as an operator of intermodal cargo on routes from Lithuania to Poland, Italy and Germany.

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The Polish-Lithuanian company will provide services for the organization of rail transport of road semi-trailers as part of block trains. It is expected that most of the route they will follow by rail and only the last 50-100 km by road.

The representative of the Lithuanian Railways emphasizes that this is not about competition with companies operating in the road transport market. The goal is to improve the efficiency of supply chains and contribute to the development of green transport.

The ownership structure of the new company, whose name has not yet been announced, is 50/50 shares.


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