RZD International is actively participating in the modernization project of a railcar repair plant in Turkmenistan

The international division of the RZD International holding and the Turkmenistan state railway operator “Demirellari” have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the phased modernization and implementation of advanced technologies and equipment at the railcar repair plant in the city of Gyzylarbat, according to the Railway Supply magazine citing the national railway operator.

The document defines the key principles, format, and conditions of cooperation between the parties for the successful implementation of the project.

The railcar repair plant in Gyzylarbat was built in 1881 and became the first enterprise of its kind in Turkmenistan.

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In addition, Russian Railways (RZD) has proposed a project to organize a regional passenger rail express service between Ashgabat and the newly constructed city of Arkadag to Turkmenistan.

The construction of Arkadag began in 2019, and the first stage of the city is planned to be completed in the current year.

It is worth mentioning the European projects of RZD International in Serbia and the particularly controversial project in Germany, but with TMH International. This raises the question of how these companies operate considering the war unleashed by russia against Ukraine…

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