Iran presented a subway train of its own design. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani introduced the metro train, which has 85% localization of production.

Iran unveils self-designed metro train

Development began in June 2019 when a memorandum of understanding was signed between the VP of Science and Technology, Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Co and the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, informs Railway Supply magazine citing the Railway Gazette.

The train, developed in 18 months, is reported to be 85% manufactured by Iranian factories, with 25-30% more localization than the country’s other metro trains, which were mainly supplied by Chinese companies such as CRRC Changchun, with partial localization of Wagon Pars.

Tashkent metro will receive 10 new trains this year

By March 2022, the country will be able to produce up to 105 domestic railcars, subject to funding, predicting that up to 5,000 metro cars will be needed in the next 10 years.

The 2016-2021 national development plan assumed that Tehran would need 2,000 metro and commuter train cars, but this plan has not been implemented, in part due to international sanctions. Tehran has a network of urban and suburban railways with seven lines, the total length of which is 254 route kilometers, and by 2025 it is planned to expand to nine lines and 430 km.


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