Tashkent metro will receive 10 new trains this year

During the international industrial exhibition Innoprom-2021, held in the capital of Uzbekistan, a loan agreement was signed to finance the purchase of 40 new railcars from Metrovagonmash JSC for the Tashkent Metro unitary enterprise. According to the agreement, the delivery of the first 5 trains in 4-car version will be made this summer. The arrival of the rest of the rolling stock is planned until the end of 2021, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to the media center of Uzbekiston Temir Yullari JSC.

Tashkent metro will receive 10 new trains this year
Picture: www.tmholding.ru

The sources of financing for the project will be loans from the state corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs” (30.45 million euros) and the Russian Export-Import Bank (22.40 million euros).

The costs associated with the repayment of loans attracted within the framework of the project, as well as the payment of interest, commissions and others, are made at the expense of the state budget of Uzbekistan.

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The contract for the supply of 40 railcars in the amount of 52.85 million euros was signed in accordance with the decree of the President of Uzbekistan, adopted on January 12, 2021.

As noted in the message of the manufacturer, we are talking about railcars of the 81-765.5 / 766.5 / 767.5 series. Each subway train will consist of two head motor railcars, one intermediate motor railcar and one intermediate non-motor railcar. The rolling stock is equipped with inter-car crossings, double-leaf doors 1.4 m wide, spaces for wheelchairs. Passenger cabins and driver’s cabs are equipped with video surveillance, air conditioning and air disinfection systems.

Trains are equipped with asynchronous electric traction motors. Design speed – 90 km/h. The service life of railcars and bogie frames is designed for 30 years. The windshield of the driver’s cab will be equipped with an adjustable manual sunscreen, taking into account the fact that some of the Tashkent metro lines run on the surface of the earth.


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