Indian Railways dispatched another 3000 hp Cape Gauge locomotive to Mozambique. to strengthen Indian-African relations.

Indian Railways is exporting its third 3000hp Cape Gauge locomotive to Mozambique

Earlier this year, the national rail carrier exported the first batch of two locomotives, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Railway Technology.

3000 hp Cape Gauge locomotives capable of transporting 2,255 tons at a speed of 100 km/h and were shipped to Mozambique as part of an order of six locomotives and 90 passenger cars.

TGM4 locomotive modernization

Cape Gauge was developed by Banaras Locomotive Works, the manufacturing branch of Indian Railways, as part of the Make-in-India initiative.

2M62 locomotive modernization

The locomotive control panel is designed and developed for right-hand traffic. The locomotives are equipped with a computer controlled braking system (CCB 2.0) for maintenance and safety. The locomotive driver’s cab meets noise, vibration and rigidity standards, has an integrated graphic driver display, improved acoustics and ergonomic seats.


CME-3M locomotive modernization

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