Another large tender for electric freight locomotives has been announced in India: 800 mainline locomotives with three-axle bogies and a power of more than 8800 kW are expected to be delivered.

Tender for electric freight locomotives

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Urbantransportnews reports that the contract is valued at €3.7 billion. The terms are similar to the recently announced competition for 1 200 smaller electric locomotives – the winner will be the technology partner who will develop the rolling stock and organize its production in the city of Banaras.

In the 2023-2024 financial year, 5 locomotives must be shipped, in the next – 35, then 60, and from the 4th year of the contract, the partner will have to ship 100 locomotives annually. Applicants should be named in August this year.

Locomotives of the same capacity, but with two-axle bogies, have already been supplied to India by Alstom: in 2015, a contract for €3.5 billion was also signed for the supply of 800 locomotives.

As part of it, the WAG-12B locomotive was created on the Prima platform. It is produced at Madhepur, where more than 180 electric locomotives have already been produced.

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