On September 9, at the Shokisu station in Kazakhstan, a cargo crane was displaced from a platform, which damaged 13 carriages of a passenger train.

повредил пассажирские вагонов

The locomotive of train 77 “Almaty-2 – Mangystau” was also damaged (body scratches, buffer lamp). The crane left scratches on the railcars, in particular, windows were broken in 2 cars, handrails were bent in 2 more cars, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to ratel.kz

There are no casualties or injuries. The passenger train departed with a delay of 17 minutes.

Kazakhstan’s SilkwayTransit acquires four new locomotives

As a reminder, on August 27 in Kazakhstan there was a fire near one of the trains on a military base at about 19:00 The fire resulted in six explosions of ammunition.

30 wounded were hospitalized in the Taraz hospital, 4 people died. Because of this, the movement of passenger trains was closed on the Turksib-Taraz section.


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