Photos of the train were posted on Linkedin by one of the employees of Hyundai Rotem in Egypt. The eight-car train was assembled at the SEMAF plant, the level of localization was 25%.

Subway train

In total, under a contract signed in 2017, Hyundai Rotem is to supply 32 trains for Cairo, 10 of which will be produced by SEMAF, informs Railway Supply magazine.

To date, the metropolitan subway has received 21 trains, all deliveries will end by 2023. Eight-car trains will be able to accommodate 1 750 passengers.

Now the manufacturer’s portfolio contains another contract for the supply of 800 metro cars for Cairo. The equipment is planned to be assembled on the premises of the production company NERIC created in Egypt. The containment rate should gradually increase over 6 years from 29% to 75%.

The start of deliveries is scheduled for 2023. Hyundai Rotem actively competes with other global players in Egypt, where significant investments are being made in the development of rail transport.

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