In a month, Deutsche Bahn will open a new high-speed line Wendlingen-Ulm. Once officially opened, the line will help reduce travel time between Munich and Stuttgart by around 15 minutes. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailTech.


That may not sound like too much, but since the new section will also allow additional trains and since it runs largely parallel to the busy Highway 8, DB claims that the train is now much better suited to travel between the two cities than the private vehicles. The operator will add 20 daily long-distance high-speed trains (ICE) between Munich and Stuttgart, bringing the total number of trains to 90.

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In addition, with the new stop in Merklingen, rural residents of Baden-Württemberg will also benefit from improved access to intercity services. A key link for new high-speed services, the Wendlingen-Ulm line will also provide faster connections from the federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg to Frankfurt International Airport and further to major urban centers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Train drivers are currently studying the route. About 250 drivers pass the new route every day. The main attraction of the new Wendlingen-Ulm line is the Fils Valley Bridge, which consists of two separate tracks 485 and 472 meters long respectively. With a height of 85 meters, the bridge is the third highest railway bridge in Germany. There are tunnels on both sides of the bridge: the Bossler Tunnel and the Steinbühl Tunnel.

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