Ferrexpo Group: Loading up to 20 trains per day

The Ferrexpo group has ambitious plans to increase the capacity of its own logistics railway component – to load up to 20 railway trains per day, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports.

Loading up trains per day

Ferrexpo Group intends to allocate $ 2 billion of capital investments to increase production by 2030. The goal is to double the production of iron ore pellets.

“And one of the main tasks for the logistics department of the company will be the ability to organize the shipment of such a volume of goods to the railway. For understanding … Today there are 10  trains per day, and there will be 20 !!! Therefore, it is necessary to start work on creating conditions for increasing the throughput of Ukrzaliznytsian now, both in the direction of the Black Sea ports and in the direction of the western crossings …”, says Vitaliy Oleinik, Ferrexpo transport logistics manager.

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