Electric machines for railway rolling stock

Manufacturing, repair and modernization of traction electrical machines for railway rolling stock, heavy vehicles, urban passenger electric transport, lifting mechanisms of industrial use.

Electric machines for railway rolling stock

Smela Electromechanical Plant (SEMZ) also specializes in the production of the entire list of spare parts used in the manufacture and repair of electrical machines of the above application.

  • Traction motor LS430
  • Traction motor D77
  • Asynchronous electric motor NVA-55
  • Traction motor LS430
  • DC motor URT-110
  • Electric motor NB-406
  • DC traction motor DTK-800
  • Pulse current motor NB-514
  • DC traction motor STK-730
  • Auxiliary electric machine (two-machine unit) MVT25 / 9 U2 + MVG25 / 11 U2
  • Auxiliary electric motor P41
  • Starter-generator PSGU2
  • Exciter VS-650V
  • Traction motor TE-006
  • Traction DC electric motor ED-118
  • Traction electric motor EDU-133
  • DC traction motor STK-405
  • Traction generator TD-802
  • Traction DC generator GP-311
  • Traction DC generator GS-504
  • Traction DC generator GP-321
  • Synchronous traction generator GS-501

SEMZ – Smila Electro Mechanical Plant
ul. Korobeynika 1, Smila, Cherkasy region,
Ukraine, 20705
Tеl. +38 (093) 6877356, ncibko@semz.info
Tеl .: +38 (04733) 2-99-13

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