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Traction motor LS430




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Traction motor LS430

  • Power (kW): 305;
  • Current (A): 720;
  • Voltage (V): 463;
  • Rotation frequency (RPM): 585;
  • Weight of the electrical machine (kg): 3100;
  • Weight of the armature (kg): 920

SEMZ mastered the repair of traction motors for diesel locomotives EMD, SM42

Smelyanskiy Electromechanical Plant LLC mastered overhaul and production of spare parts for D77 traction motors for EMD locomotives (EMD GT26CW, EMD DDA40X, EMD DDM45, EMD F40PH, EMD SD38, SD39, SD40, SD40-2, SD45-2, EMD SW1500)

Smila Electro Mechanical Plant (SEMZ) is one of the largest companies in Europe, manufacturing and repairing electric motors. We focus on traction motors for railway rolling stock. In addition we work in other industries, such as heavy vehicles, urban transport, industrial lifting machines, etc. The company also manufactures a wide range of spare parts for traction motors.

Besides our business in Ukraine, SEMZ has a well developed international business concept. Our clients are Baltic, Belorussian, Russian, Polish, Mongolian, Kazakhstan Railways. We are actively developing other markets.