ECM has won a project to modernize the signaling system on the Tirana-Durres line in Albania. ECM, a subsidiary of Progress Rail, and the Italian INC won a project to modernize the signaling system on the Tirana-Durres railway line in Albania.

upgrades railway signaling

As part of the project, Progress Rail will supply the complete signaling system including the central station and ERTMS L1, computer interlocking (HMR9) and all track components.

They will serve over 34 km of rail links between the Tirana Public Transport Terminal and the city of Durrës, and will assist in the construction of a new 5 km railway line between Rinas Airport and Tirana.

Grup Feroviar Român launches a new digital solution

This project, together with the subsequent stages, is being implemented as part of a large-scale project to modernize the Albanian railway network.

In February this year, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced that, together with the EU, it would offer financial support for the rehabilitation of the Albanian railway network.

War and peace, duty and rebirth

In the same month, Albania signed a $ 108 million contract with INC to rebuild Albanian railways.

Meanwhile, Siemens Mobility has selected ECM to supply an on-board signaling subsystem for trains running on Italian lines.


All change for the future!

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