For the first time, the German national railway operator has started construction of a network of contact sites and charging substations for the supply of traction current to the battery-operated trains that will serve regional transport. Supports of overhead lines are installed in Kiel and Büchen. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to tzdjournal.


The commissioning of the first phase of the project in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is scheduled for December 2023. Instead of end-to-end electrification of the track, sections of the overhead power line will be laid, ranging in length from several hundred meters to several kilometers. This will eliminate the use of diesel trains on the route and, according to the operator, save 10 million liters of diesel fuel per year.

A new container terminal was commissioned in Mostysk

In 2019, the Schleswig-Holstein Transport Association ordered 55 FLIRT Akku battery trains from Stadler following a tender, with an option to purchase another 50 units. The contract, worth about €600 million, provides for the supply of rolling stock from the end of 2022 and its maintenance for 30 years.

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