Deutsche Bahn (DB) plans to increase the share of recycled rail steel to 45% by 2030, almost double the previous goal. The company’s track ballast goal has tripled to around 40 percent, CEO Richard Lutz said Thursday.

ballast rubble

By setting recycling goals, DB aims to save around 10 million tons of new materials and reduce emissions of at least 300,000 tons of CO2. The recently announced steps are ahead of the goal of full circularity by 2040. In the same year, DB aims to become fully climate neutral. It is reported by Railway Supply referring to RailTech.

“By increasing the share of recycled rail steel, track ballast and reinforced concrete sleepers, we are taking a big step towards recycling management as they account for about 80 percent of DB’s total resource use,” said Lutz.

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To become fully climate neutral in the coming years, DB has taken many steps and set many goals. In 2025, all factories, office buildings and train stations must be converted to environmentally friendly electricity. In 2038, DB also wants to get traction current from sustainable sources.

Below radar, the operator is also taking smaller steps, such as using eco-friendly paving stones at stations, more sustainable dishes on the on-board catering menu.

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