Danish Railways: Loan for the purchase of electric rolling stock

NIB and Danish State Railway Company DSB have signed a € 400 million loan agreement to finance the acquisition of electric rolling stock during 2020-2025, reports Railway Supply magazine  citing NIB

The 15-year loan will finance the purchase of 42 new electric locomotives, as well as more than 100 trains and wagons. The investment is part of a 10-year program to replace the company’s aging fleet and reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2030.

purchase of electric rolling stock
Picture: www.nib.int

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The expansion of the rolling stock is expected to increase the reliability and quality of service, and improve regional and international connections. DSB will also start to phase out diesel locomotives and older train sets.

“The investment is a significant step towards realising the Danish government’s carbon emission policy, and is a response to the expected increase in the number of passengers using public transport in the coming years. Better connectivity and more efficient service will contribute to the sustainable transition of rail transport in the future”, says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

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DSB is an independent state owned enterprise under the Danish Ministry of Transport and Housing. It is the most important passenger transport company in the country, providing regional train, intercity and S-train services. The total share of the company in the rail transport market in Denmark is about 75%.


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