The Czech railway infrastructure operator Správa železnic, together with Siemens and freight operator ČD Cargo, has successfully completed a test of the interoperability of the on-board devices of the European ETCS train control system installed on Vectron locomotives.

ETCS testing

Currently, 650 km of Czech railways are equipped with track equipment of this system and new contracts are being prepared, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Správa železnic.

The government has allocated 47 billion Czech crowns ($ 2.19 billion) to equip the 4 800 km network with the new system by 2030. It is planned to fully equip ETCS with a railway network of about 9 500 km by 2040.

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The tests were carried out on the lines Breclav – Ceska Třebová – Colin, Breclav – Petrovice u Karvini and Prague – Olbramovice, equipped with ETCS equipment of the second and third generation. The Vectron multi-system locomotive was used, which became part of the fleet of test rolling stock in the fall of 2021.

It is supposed to be used for testing track equipment of various systems, including ETCS, on domestic and foreign railways, as well as for the train of individual cars-laboratories of radio communication, catenary, etc.

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