«Akademik Fyodor Uglov» participates in vaccination

On March 11, the mobile consultative and diagnostic center of JSC Russian Railways «Akademik Fedor Uglov», set off across the Irkutsk Region on March 11. During this time it has already managed to visit four railway stations on the East Siberian Railway: Cheremkhovo, Zalari, Zima and Kuytun. As of March 14, 618 people were vaccinated on the train, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to “Gudok”.

«Akademik Fyodor Uglov» participates in vaccination
Picture: Александр Иванов / ИД «Гудок»

The train has participated in vaccination campaigns before. It includes wagons equipped for vaccination and observers the standards for storing drugs. Before vaccination, patients must be examined by a general practitioner. After that they have to stay in a special railcar under supervision for half an hour.

The total staff of the center is more than 20 people. The Sputnik V vaccine stock is 5 thousand doses. At the same time, a medical train can accommodate up to 300 people per day. However, there is no such an influx of people observed so far. Basically, railway workers go to the vaccination in a disciplined manner. Local residents prefer to use the services of district clinics.

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At the stations Cheremkhovo, Zima, Nizhneudinsk, Taishet, Vikhorevka, the vaccine will be transferred to railway clinics for vaccination.

According to the publication, more than 72 thousand residents of the Irkutsk region have already been vaccinated with the first component of the COVID-19 vaccine. In the region, 62 vaccination points are deployed in 54 municipalities.

«Akademik Fedor Uglov» will make 11 more stops, reach Gidrostroitel station, and then return to Irkutsk on March 30. Residents will be able to receive the second component in exactly 21 days, during their next trip.


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