CSX has announced the launch of an advanced carbon reduction calculator to help companies achieve their supply chain sustainability goals by switching from road to rail, Railway Supply magazine informs, citing Global Railway Review.


The improved tool offers shippers a better understanding of the environmental benefits of rail transport by analyzing customer-specific data to calculate the potential greenhouse gas emissions saved by choosing rail over trucks.

The new version of the Carbon Calculator is available to customers who use the ShipCSX online platform. The tool enables carload freight shippers to generate carbon savings analyses based on their historical shipment data; to view year-to-date totals and year-to-year trends; and to apply variables that provide additional insight for weighing carbon emission impacts when making supply chain decisions.

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The carbon calculator is based on government and third-party studies of greenhouse gas emission factors for different modes of transport to calculate how much emissions are reduced by rail delivery compared to road transport. The calculator incorporates cargo type, distance and volume into its methodology.

Future versions of the Carbon Calculator will include the ability to calculate emissions savings on intermodal container shipments as well as advanced features that help companies evaluate supply-chain decisions that can further reduce their carbon footprint.

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