Rail Vision was commissioned to equip Israel Railways passenger trains with opto-electronic sensor systems, a driver-assistance technology that allows trains to detect objects and obstacles over long distances and represents an important building block in the development of automated train traffic. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, citing Railway Pro.

Rail Vision

The Israeli company, in which Knorr-Bremse owns a 33% stake, will deliver ten systems to the operator by the end of 2023.

Rail Vision systems are based on the intelligent interaction of sensor technologies with artificial intelligence and deep learning. Since the technology was developed specifically for rail transport, it can provide train drivers and operators with very effective support in various operating scenarios.

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The systems are able to recognize potential obstacles such as people, animals, oncoming trains and misplaced switches up to 2 km away, even in poor weather or lighting conditions, and warn train drivers accordingly. Because they can also identify infrastructure, signals, and vegetation along a track, they can provide rail operators with valuable information about the condition of a line, making it easier to schedule maintenance work, for example.

In order to bring its sensor systems to market, Rail Vision has developed many pilot and test projects in stages around the world. High-tech systems for monitoring the environment, detecting objects and assisting the driver are considered the most important elements in the development of automated train control. To make them faster, safer and more efficient, many processes and sub-processes are being digitized that are currently still performed manually.

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