ČD Cargo Logistics has launched another type of transportation of Ukrainian grain, this time in big bags. These were purchased by Resilient, which is the main customer for the transports of Ukrainian agrarian commodities provided by ČD Cargo Logistics (ČDCL). It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Raivolution.

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At the end of November 2022, the first such train departed from Matovce, where the big bags were reloaded from broad gauge cars to standard Eas class open cars, destined for Portogruaro, Italy. For the continuation of these transports, the loading limits of the bags, which can hold up to 14 tonnes of goods, will be addressed. At the highest possible load, there is already a risk of having to be negotiated as an oversize shipment in Italy, whose infrastructure has more restrictive loading gauge, than that in other countries en route.

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Also, this issue is not helped by slow and unclear communication with the Italian stakeholders involved. Negotiations on the provision of rolling stock and infrastructure capacity on the route through Austria to Italy, as well as for the border crossing to the Tarvisio Boscoverde station, are also a rather lengthy procedure. In view of all these circumstances, the train actually waited several weeks for its departure.

ČD Cargo is becoming more and more prominent in the transportation of Ukrainian grain, while in the first months of this year it acted only as an occasional operator on the contracts of other freight forwarders. This was a logical consequence of the fact that only those freight forwarders who had suitable wagons could fulfill these orders and could also quickly free themselves up for new demand. Therefore, ČDCL is developing, in particular, alternative modes of transport – since the summer it has also started transporting small bags in covered wagons on the route Batevo – Lovosice.

The Czech company Resilient is owned by the Czech-Danish-Ukrainian agricultural group Agromino, which is majority owned by Czech businessman Petr Krogman. Agromino farms in Ukraine on 42,000 hectares, most of which are in the east of the country, in the Kharkiv region, from where the grain transported by rail comes from.

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