Czech Railways joined the RETHINK project with a signing ceremony at the French Embassy in Prague. The project brings together large companies operating in the Czech Republic who have decided to work together to find ways to limit climate change and the damage it causes. The initiator of the project is the Czech Business Council for Sustainable Development. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail Target.


Today, after the signing of the declaration, the first public event of the RETHINK project follows. It is the Innovation Forum on Climate Change and Energy Security, which is attended by representatives of interested companies.

“As the name of the project suggests, we have joined an initiative that aims to ‘rethink’ how we do business, with what energy intensity and how to do it in the future with the least impact on the environment. Adapting to changes in the energy market affects each of us, whether an individual or a company. Rail transport is energy-saving and at the same time ecological in nature. However, we intend to further develop and promote this aspect. Of course, while maintaining the availability of railway transport and the quality of services for our customers,” says the Chairman of the Board and CEO of CZ Michal Krapinec.

Estonian Railways ordered ten more electric trains from Škoda

Czech Railways is investing billions of crowns in new, fuel-efficient trains that can regenerate and return the generated green electricity back to the grid. Further investments are directed towards energy-saving LED lighting systems or state-of-the-art environmentally friendly repair shops. The newest vehicles are currently being driven in the Pilsen and South Bohemia regions, while others will be delivered to, for example, the Olomouc or Moravian-Silesian regions. However, new kits for other regions are in production, as well as kits for long-distance express trains. Discussions are already underway with some regions to deploy hybrid trains that will be even more environmentally friendly.

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