Political tensions between the EU and Belarus are reaching their climax. Rail freight transport may be among the sectors most affected by this.

Belarus wants to ban transit of goods from EU to China

This scenario is not far from reality, since the President of Belarus has threatened to ban the transportation of EU goods through Belarus to Russia or China, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailFreight.

This statement was a response to the sanctions imposed by the EU on Belarus. These economic sanctions restrict the transportation of Belarusian products through the EU countries. They do not apply to existing cooperation contracts, but they burden the agreements with new ones. Companies such as Lithuanian Railways have already assessed the impact of this development.

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In return, Belarus threatens to pay the European Union with the same coin. In particular, according to a Reuters report, Belarus wants to ban access to the Belarusian market and, therefore, ban the transportation of products from the EU through the country.

The reports from the government circles of Belarus emphasize that the current situation is viewed as an economic war that requires a response. Therefore, if the EU continues to impose sanctions on the Belarusian economy, the answer should be the same.

“Let the Germans supply their products to China and Russia through Finland. Or through Ukraine, ”Lukashenka allegedly said. This quote sounds like a ticking time bomb for the ears of companies involved in rail freight transport, transit through Belarus and countries exporting their products along the New Silk Road.

As Reuters explains, it is still unclear whether the threats will be implemented and whether countries other than Germany will be affected. However, the very suggestion that something like this could happen puts the entire Eurasian supply chain and transport into chaos.


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