The Danish infrastructure manager is currently preparing to electrify the busy line between Vejle and Skanderborg to accommodate electric trains. Due to ongoing work, Banedanmark will close the circuit from May 1 to May 8. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailTech.


The work includes the rebuilding of 34 bridges on the 104 km stretch between Fredericia and Aarhus to make room for traction current. The existing bridge on Österbrogade in Vejle will be demolished and replaced with a new, wider one. This will eventually expand the road from two lines to four. To the north, on the bridge on the Silkeborgvej, work will be carried out on the planned reinforcements of the foundation.

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The electrification of the main line between Vejle and Skanderborg is part of Denmark’s larger goal to electrify the country’s rail network to reduce emissions and improve sustainability. The use of electric trains will significantly reduce the transportation sector’s carbon footprint. Electric trains are more energy-efficient than diesel trains, which emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. Banedanmark’s work on the rail network is a crucial step towards the implementation of sustainable transportation in Denmark. The electrification of the main line will provide a cleaner and more efficient mode of transport for the people of Denmark.

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