The association was headed by the national carrier China Railway. Along with the rolling stock manufacturer CRRC, it also included suppliers of electronics and control systems, engineering and construction services, as well as energy China Energy, steel Ansteel Group and telecommunications Huawei. The scientific and educational block is represented by four universities. A total of 18 participants have been announced, in the future their number may increase, Railway Supply reports citing RollingStock.


UZ banned the use of castings with an exceeded service life on wagons

The alliance has three key objectives:
– Planning and conducting scientific and technical research, as well as the allocation of investments for their implementation
– Accelerating the implementation and replication of innovations in the railway industry
– Creation of a platform for the exchange of developments, deepening of domestic and international cooperation, development and recruitment of personnel

One of the key R&D projects in China is the introduction of maglev train technology for a service speed of 600 km/h.

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