A railway will be built to the poorest country in the world

A railway line with a length of about 284 km will be laid between the cities of Kano (Nigeria) and Maradi (Niger). The official ceremony for the construction start took place on February 9 this year at the site of the future Katsina station in Nigeria, informs railway magazine Railway Supply referring to ZDmira.

A railway will be built

A single-track 1435 mm gauge railway will connect the city of Kano, a major trading hub in the northern Nigeria, with the border town of Maradi in southern Niger. Thus, the landlocked state will be connected to the ports by the first railroad.

The line is projected to cost $ 1.8 billion and will be completed in 2023. It will serve about 15 stations, the annual passenger traffic will be more than 3 million, the volume of freight traffic will exceed 1 million tons.

The construction contract was signed in January 2021 with the Portuguese company Mota-Engil, which will also build a new university under the agreement. The project will be financed by KfW-IPEX Bank (Germany), African Finance Corporation and Credit Suisse conglomerate (Switzerland).

Niger is the largest country in Africa and the poorest country in the world. According to the development index of the ONN in 2019, it took the last place out of 189 countries. More than 80% of Niger’s territory is located in the Sahara Desert. There is no railway here. The population is over 22 million people. The country’s economy is focused on agriculture and uranium ore mining.


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