The accident could significantly affect train traffic, as it is one of the busiest railway corridors in the country.

зійшли з рейок

In the north of Sweden, 38 wagons of a freight train loaded with iron ore derailed. The accident happened near the city of Ellivare, which is about 1,000 kilometers from Stockholm, beyond the Arctic Circle, informs Railway Supply magazine.

Anders Lindbergh, a spokesman for the LKAB mining company, said the 8,000-ton train had 68 cars, 38 of which derailed. No one was injured in the accident.

It is noted that the accident could significantly affect the train traffic in the far north of Sweden due to significant damage to the railway line.

зійшли з рейок

An alternative bus service is planned to transport people in the coming days.

The freight train ran on a single-track line of about 500 kilometers, which connected Narvik, Norway, with the Swedish port city of Lulea.

LKAB has long demanded for another track to be laid on this route, as it is one of the busiest railway corridors in all of Sweden. It was the way for the ore transportation from the large mines of Kiruna.

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