Warsaw already has 28 km of green tramways. There will be even more of them on the newly built tram routes. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Nakolei.

Tramwaje Warszawskie

The stonecrop plant is already on two sections of the tram network in the city center. The total area of the territory on which the rubble is covered with a green cover exceeds 4,000 square meters.

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The tram tracks in the center were planted with seven types of stonecrop. When it blooms, the tram track will change color. Stonecrop was planted in the substrate for growing plants, and a layer that would store water was placed under it. All work is carried out at night so that tram traffic does not need to be stopped. The contractor is Werde, which will be awarded PLN 2 million. The contractor will have to take care of the plants for the next 3 years. After that the city company Tramwaje Warszawskie will be responsible for that.

Tests were carried out to check how new plants take root on the tracks and what landscaping technologies to use. The result of the tests is the rejection of grass that requires watering in favor of stonecrop, which does not need it. This is especially important in connection with climate warming and water shortages in Poland.

The investment in trams in Warsaw that Tramwaje Warszawskie plans to make over the next two years will include even more new green solutions. The total length of the new green tram tracks will exceed 10 km. In addition, it is planned to plant ordinary trees not only along the tracks, but also on some platforms, in their shade passengers will be able to wait for the tram.

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