There is a further decrease in volumes on the New Silk Road through Russia

In April, the railway connection between Europe and China recorded 18,498 TEUs, which is nearly 34% less than in April of the previous year, according to the Railway Supply portal, citing railfreight.

Although the effects of the war were already noticeable in April 2022, the Russian route still transported 27,934 TEUs. In March of this year, the volume reached 21,034 TEUs.

New Silk Road

These figures are based on data provided by the Eurasian Railway Association Index (ERAI), a tool created by ERA-OTLK, the main operator on the route through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.

The figures correspond to the volumes they have worked with, which should indicate a general trend. It should be noted that these figures do not always coincide with other statistical data.

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According to the ERAI index, in the first quarter of this year, 59,956 TEUs were transported along the route, which is almost 54% less than in the first quarter of 2022. After a slight increase in March, volumes dropped again in April.

At the same time, the Middle Corridor, which is an alternative to the northern route passing through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, showed significant growth earlier this year.

In the first quarter of 2023, the “Kazakhstan Railways” transported almost 64% more cargo along the Middle Corridor to and from Kazakhstan compared to the previous year, according to the company. Kazakhstan’s exports along this route nearly tripled compared to the same period last year.

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