Ukrzaliznytsia intends to complete the construction of the “Third Shop” of TPS Darnytsia, a shop for servicing high-speed trains in Kyiv. Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, director of the UZ Passenger Company branch, spoke about this during his presentation at the forum “Big Construction: New Railway”.

repairing high-speed trains

“It is a task to buy at least 10 high-speed trains and organize a normal service model at once. Therefore, we set an ambitious task in the coming years to complete the long-term construction, which stands for 10 years on the territory of our depot in Darnytsia – the so-called “Third Shop”, which has already spent more than a billion, but to no avail. The launch of this shop will allow to fully service new high-speed trains, ”Pertsovsky said.

This facility is a long-frozen construction that started during Viktor Yanukovych presidency. For 100% of the investment, the work was carried out only 30%. In October 2017, the head of Ukrzaliznytsia, Yevhen Kravtsov, announced his intention to resume construction, reports Railway Supply.

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“Currently, the overhaul cycle of one train is about 60 days. The new shop has two tracks, and we will be able to repair two trains in 10 days. In addition, we will be able to take trains from neighboring depots, because the repair of our 16 units will take 160 days a year, the rest of the time the shop must also work. As a result, it will save about UAH 50 million a year, ”Serhiy Skiba, technical director of the Ukrainian Railway Speed ​​Company, told CTS in 2019.

According to the initial idea, a new principle of performing technological operations should start in the shop – simultaneous repair of all components and parts of the train at three levels of rolling stock: inside cars, on the roof, undercarriage level.

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