On March 16, at a meeting with representatives of the agricultural market, Valery Tkachev, Deputy Director of the Department of Commercial Work of UZ, said that Ukrzaliznytsia may soon prohibit the transportation of grain cargo in gondola cars. It is reported by Railway Supply with reference to Rail.insider.

UZ grain

According to the official, Ukrzaliznytsia receives appeals concerning the fact that the tents on gondola cars or their mounts are broken and wind up on the wheel sets or get on the contact network. These cases are analyzed by UZ specialists and in the near future the management of the company may decide on the further transportation of grain in such wagons.

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Valery Tkachev stressed that there are no questions about gondola cars in which grain and other goods are transported in big bags inside the body and the fasteners do not extend beyond the body. UZ will continue to transport such goods. “And gondola cars, where covers from the outside are attached to the body in unsuitable ways or the attachment points are not agreed with the manufacturing plant, provoke a threat to traffic safety,” the official explained.

Recall that on February 7, during a meeting of the Export Office at UZ, they promised to ban the transportation of grain in gondola cars of a private fleet in the near future. However, on February 8, the decision was canceled.

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