UZ had no right to purchase passenger cars without a tender – State Audit Service.

закупать пассажирские вагоны

State auditors said that UZ had no reason to purchase 100 passenger cars in a negotiated procedure, without a tender, reports Railway Supply citing

The rationale for the purchase without a tender was the expert opinion. However, according to DASU, this conclusion was not correct, and the experts did not take into account the information on the full list of manufacturers of passenger cars. The audit service noted that Ukrzaliznytsya has the right to appeal this decision in court.

Ukrzaliznytsia will receive the first two out of 100 passenger cars from KVSZ by Independence Day

The UZ also said that the decision would be appealed. However, in the event of a loss, the purchase and contract will be invalidated. In June, without a tender, UZ entered into an agreement with KVSZ for the purchase of 100 passenger cars worth more than UAH 3 billion through a negotiation procedure.

Ukrzaliznytsia transferred to KVSZ an advance payment for the production of 100 passenger cars

UZ applied the negotiation procedure on the basis of a survey of some railcar manufacturers and the “expert opinion” of the Railway University that no other manufacturer would be able to produce 100 railcars in 12 months. In July, the “League of Antitrust” sent a complaint to the State Audit Service on the non-competitive purchase of 100 passenger cars for Ukrzaliznytsia.


KVSZ contract for passenger cars is under threat: the purchase is disputed

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