During an online meeting with representatives of the grain transportation market on Thursday, January 12, a positive trend in loading and transportation in early 2023 of goods in general and agricultural products in particular was noted. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.

grain export

“We are seeing the economy slowly picking up and we are seeing a general increase in loading. Over the past few days, we have been loading more than 320,000 tons per day,” said Valery Tkachev, Deputy Director of the Department of Commercial Work at JSC Ukrzaliznytsia.

In particular, according to UZ statistics, on January 11, loading on the railway network amounted to 334 thousand tons. As for the loading of grain, it is uneven throughout the week and averages 77 thousand tons per day.

UZ has already collected more than 5 million UAH from the sale of “tickets to victory”

However, the loading of agricultural products in some places is close to last year’s figures, and as of today, in 2023, there is already the first million tons of grain exported by the railway.

“For 11 days, 1 million 70 thousand tons of grain cargo was transported in export traffic. At the same time, 738 thousand tons were exported through the seaports, and 332 thousand tons in the direction of the western border crossings,” Valery Tkachev emphasized. He added that, if such rates are maintained, about 3 million tons of grain will be transported by the end of this month.

UZ also added that the total queue of wagons in the direction of other countries continues to decrease. Currently, it has been reduced to 18 thousand units.

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