The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced the provision of a state-guaranteed loan of up to EUR 200 million, including EUR 100 million for urgent financing of investments by UZ and EUR 100 million to support the capital structure. Railway Supply magazine wrote about it with reference to RailwayPro.


The loan will help expand cross-border capacity and improve rail communication corridors with the EU, remove bottlenecks at border crossings and mitigate the effects of war by rehabilitating relevant railway sections and other important infrastructure investments.

Restructuring of Latvian Railways to increase freight traffic

The capital structure support project will help the company address immediate critical needs to improve operations and connectivity to the EU, continue to provide vital services to communities and businesses, and provide logistics for key Ukrainian exports, including agricultural products and critical imports. The funding will allow UZ to restore key rail corridors at the EU border and purchase rolling stock, thereby providing a comprehensive solution to increase the capacity of these rail corridors.

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