Transporting cargo from China via Kazakhstan will take considerably less time than using routes via the Black Sea. In fact, it is assumed that the crossing of Kazakhstan will take 5 days, and the route from China to the Black Sea will take at least 14 days. Railway Supply magazine wrote about it, referring to RailFreight.


At a meeting on measures to develop Middle Corridor routes, it was noted that transit time through Kazakhstan was halved from 12 days to 6 days compared to last year. At the end of 2023, this number will again be reduced to five days. At the same time the transit time from China to the Black Sea ports has decreased from 38-53 days to 19-23 days. At the meeting it was noted that by the end of this year this figure should be reduced again to 14-18 days.

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At the meeting, parties also discussed the modernisation plan for the railway infrastructure along the Middle Corridor. One of the main focuses was the construction of a container terminal in Aktau to serve the connection to the Caspian Sea. At the meeting, it was pointed out that ten oil barges, eight ferries, six tankers, and one container ship are expected to operate in the Caspian Sea by 2030. The meeting also considered preparations for an agreement between Kazakhstan and China on the development of an international transport route across the Caspian Sea. The agreement plays a role in securing traffic in the Middle Corridor and simplifying customs procedures.

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