The Tembi train disaster was the worst in the history of Greek railroads. A day after the tragedy, a recording of the conversation between the dispatcher and the train driver became available, as well as a rather blurry CCTV recording of the event. Unfortunately, there is also a new list of the dead. Railway Supply magazine writes about it with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.


A few hours after the tragedy, it was known that 38 people died. A day after the accident there were more. Rescuers and medics found the remains of bodies in the first carriage, which was burnt out and had a temperature of 1300°С. The total number of victims of the crash is shocking. There are said to be 57 dead.

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The 59-year-old signalman let a passenger train to go on an occupied track. In a verbal order to the train driver, he allegedly told the train driver that he could ignore the red traffic light because the track to Nee-Porie was free. After the incident the man was detained. The machinists are dead.

The railroad unions emphasize that, despite the large capital expenditures, after many years, traffic is still controlled on the basis of orders from the radio attendants on duty. And on their basis, trains run at a speed of 160 km/h.

The former transport minister resigned. This took place in the atmosphere of a scandal, because notes to an official letter were leaked from an email to the press, where the minister’s office instructed him how to deal with inconvenient questions from the press. Giorgos Gerapetritis became the new minister.

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