Ukrainian Grain Association stresses the need for investment in railway infrastructure in Western Ukraine Agrarians predict a shift in “productive” regions from the south to the west of Ukraine. So it is worth developing the transport infrastructure there. This was discussed during the video conference “Honest Thursday. FOCUS: cargo owners and transport companies. How to build profitable cooperation? ”, Held on June 24.

Russian Railways significantly increased grain transportation

“The railway must be efficient. One of the problems of this industry is the chronic underfunding of a number of important areas, – said the president of the Ukrainian Grain Association Nikolai Gorbachev. – For example, wooden sleepers have not yet been replaced in some areas. This means that it is impossible to launch routes in these directions ”,  informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Railinsider.

Grain Ukraine: how the grain market future is created

According to the expert, these sites are mainly located in Western Ukraine. Due to global climate change, this region is becoming one of the most promising for grain production, informs Railway Supply magazine

“There you can build efficient elevators where you can load 100 wagons a day. But what’s the point if timely shipment of a large volume of cargo is impossible? “- asks Nikolai Gorbachev.

Russian Railways gives a discount on grain transportation to ports

According to the president of Ukrainian Grain Association, more than 95-98% of the crop is exported through seaports. River transport is also expected to be further developed.

“The Dnieper crosses six regions, on the territory of which more than 40 million tons of grain are produced. The construction of multimodal elevators and transportation of goods to river terminals located at a distance of up to 50 km will reduce the load on vehicles, ”he says.

In total, next year, agrarians forecast the production of more than 100 million tons of grain and oilseeds, while at least 60 million tons will be exported. It is possible that, under favorable conditions, the planned figures will be exceeded. In this case, the issue of optimal delivery of goods to the end consumer will become more acute.


“Nibulon” transported 0,5 million tons of grain to Nikolaev by own wagons

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