On the submission of the National Police, the court seized the property of Russian and Belarusian enterprises for 400 million hryvnias, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailExpo.

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During the pre-trial investigation, the police discovered the property of eight Russian and two Belarusian enterprises that own almost 400 railway cars, the National Police of Ukraine reported.

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According to their estimates, the market value of the rolling stock is about UAH 400 million.

“Currently, the court has seized the discovered property of Russian and Belarusian enterprises,” the National Police said in a statement. Law enforcement officers provide operational support in criminal proceedings initiated under Part 2 of Art. 110-2 (Financing of actions committed with the aim of forcibly changing or overthrowing the constitutional order or seizing state power, changing the boundaries of the territory or state border of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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