Archaeologists working on the HS2 high-speed rail network project in Buckinghamshire, England have unearthed several ancient Roman busts.

прокладке высокоскоростной железной дороги

They are talking about two busts, male and female, as well as the head of a child, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to the BBC.

Excavations were carried out as part of the preparation of the area for the construction of the railway and took place near the Norman church of 1080. Archaeologists unearthed the ruins of an old tower.

прокладке высокоскоростной железной дороги

Scientists have found a preserved ancient Roman jug, despite being underground for thousands of years. Fragments of tiles and cremation urns were also found.

“It is incredible that the excavation ended with these stunning finds,” said the head of the excavation, Rachel Wood. – The statues are very well preserved, and looking at their faces, you see the people they represent. This is a unique experience. Of course, this makes you wonder what else can be buried under the medieval churches of English villages. “

прокладке высокоскоростной железной дороги

Archaeologists believe that the church was built on top of the ancient Roman mausoleum, which was destroyed by the Normans. Scientists managed to unearth fragments of the walls of the Roman mausoleum with carvings.

As previously reported, in Scotland, archaeologists have unearthed an old railway.

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