Chinese rail operator CR Express has launched the first fixed-schedule train to Europe. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Nakolei.

China Europe train

On October 26, the Chinese launched a freight train from Xi’an to Duisburg. Trains run frequently on the New Silk Road, however, this is the first Chinese train to have a timetable and it will run between China and Europe on a fixed schedule.

The opening of the first regular freight train between China and Europe will improve the efficiency of transportation and increase the competitiveness of the cross-border freight train in the international market, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said.

According to the Chinese, the inclusion of the train in the schedule should increase the predictability of the connection. This means that while the train movement is adapted to the current situation on the route, it often stood to the side, waiting for its turn right behind the passenger trains. The schedule should also take into account the time needed to transship containers from 1435 mm wide gauge. According to the Chinese, due to this, the time for the arrival of trains in Germany should be increased. According to the schedule, the first train to Duisburg is scheduled to arrive on 5 November.

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After numerous consultations with the railway authorities of the countries along the route, China Railways decided to introduce a unified freight train schedule between China and Europe from October this year, in an effort to make its transportation services more stable and time efficient in order to better meet the logistics needs of customers and to further improve the quality of CR Express services, the Chinese railroad said.

In addition, the train is equipped with a GPS locator that works with the Chinese Beidou system. Customers transporting their goods to Europe will be able to control in real time where the train is. The Chinese satellite navigation system operates all over the world.

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