Tarmac and DB Cargo UK will use renewable HVO fuel. The HVO fuel will be used to power all DB Cargo UK freight trains that run between the Tarmac site in Leicestershire and its railroad asphalt plant in Birmingham.

Tarmac and DB Cargo UK will use renewable HVO fuel
Picture: Tarmac

Tarmac and its rail freight partner DB Cargo UK announced that the delivery of construction materials along a key strategic route will be 100% renewable.

Partners confirmed that environmentally friendly hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) will be used as fuel for all freight trains operating between the Tarmac Mountsorrel site in Leicestershire and its asphalt plant in downtown Birmingham, as part of an ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable development and realizing the UK’s infrastructure ambitions, reports railway magazine Railway Supply, citing the Global Railway Review.

DB Cargo UK tests vegetable oil fuel

HVO is one of the cleanest fuels currently available commercially and produced synthetically by hydrotreating vegetable oils or animal fats, which significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and nitric oxide emitted when used in diesel engines.


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